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About the Blue Wave Project

Jeff Merkley’s Blue Wave Project is committed to harnessing the power of a passionate grassroots movement to elect leaders who truly represent our values. We’re building the blue wave that will bring about a stronger, fairer America designed for “We the People” to thrive, not for the wealthy and powerful to get wealthier and more powerful.

The Blue Wave Project provides financial and logistical support to candidates for the U.S. Senate and to other House, governor, and statewide and state legislative candidates around the country who are fighting to flip red seats to blue.

Jeff won his first race for state house as a complete unknown against two former state representatives by jogging house to house with flyers printed from his home computer. He believes deeply that in the face of gerrymandering, dark money, and voter suppression, the key to progressive victories is out-hustling, out-organizing, and out-inspiring the other side.

If we want to take our country back, we have to channel our frustration and anger into building a powerful blue wave. We need to build the grassroots team to create that wave.

Be a part of that team. Join the Blue Wave Project today.

Join the Blue Wave

We are in a battle for the future of our country. So much is at stake -- our jobs, schools, health care, and the future of our planet. The privileged and powerful have rigged our politics and our economy for their own benefit.

We need a massive blue wave to overcome their money, their lobbyists, their voter suppression, and their gerrymandered districts.

The Blue Wave Project is our grassroots effort to elect leaders who truly represent our values.